Female Hair Loss

Reading Female Hair Loss Treatment Clinic

An experience and professional trichologist uses dermatology, endocrinology and western medicine to diagnose and treat hair loss in women and men. A variety of female hair loss problems can be treated by a trichologist including dandruff, scaling scalp, baldness, thinning hair and alopecia.

To treat these and many other conditions our trichologists make use of Strand-by-Strand, Advanced Singular Hair Grafting and AHS-FP as well as less invasive female hair loss products.

Are you suffering from Hair Loss?

Genes are one of the major hair loss causes in women; however, there are various other factors that cause female hair loss such as growing old, medications, and hormone imbalance. The primary reasons for hair loss in young people, other than genes, consist of medical problems and diseases.

A hair loss specialist for women can provide treatments for your type of hair loss, depending on the cause and progress of your hair loss a variety of treatments are available including:

  • AHS-FP
  • Advanced Laser Therapy
  • Strand-by-strand

Restore Your Hair

Hair restoration surgery for women is one way of repairing substantial hair loss. Hair restoration surgery entails surgically removing hairs from the side or back of the head and transplanting them to where the hair has dropped out.

Hair restoration surgery unfortunately cannot treat all hair loss cases. The suitability of donor sites, how severe the hair loss is and hair type are some of the factors that will determine whether they are suitable for female hair replacement therapy or not.

Booking a consultation at our Reading female hair loss centre is the very best way of determining why you’re suffering from hair loss and what hair loss treatments for women are available. Our consultations will not cost you a penny; you’ll meet with one of our many highly trained experts who have extensive experience in hair loss and hair loss surgeries such as hair replacement. Your female hair loss specialist will go over all the choices available to you and also discuss thoroughly exactly what is involved in the surgery and the advantages it offers.

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