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A number of factors like stress and genetics can cause a loss of hair in women. Regardless of what is causing female hair loss, people who are experiencing this are impacted in similar ways. Confidence issues, lack of self-esteem and self-consciousness are just a couple of emotions the majority of people with hair loss will suffer, particularly if it happens suddenly, which is more common than you think in young men and women.

Your local doctor / GP more than likely won’t be able to do anything to help you as hair loss in women and men is not often viewed as a medical problem. Your doctor will more often than not suggest you go and see a trichologist who specialises in hair problems and hair loss treatment.

What is trichology?

Trichology is the science surrounding problems with the scalp and the hair. A trichologist is an expert in a variety of different scalp problems, for example persistent dandruff, and hair loss causes.

Types of Hair Loss you might suffer from

The growth of hair happens in cycles and each cycle begins with a growth stage, then a transitional stage, and lastly a resting stage. In hereditary hair loss the follicle shrinks causing the growth cycle to become much shorter.

Natural Hair Loss in Women

The hair you lose daily is natural hair loss. An average adult has around 100,000 hair strands with a large percentage of people losing between 40 and 120 hair strands each day; this is normal and is part of the hairs healthy re-growth cycle. Should you be experiencing a larger than average amount of natural hair loss this may indicate that you need the assistance of a female hair loss specialist who will diagnose and prescribe the best hair loss treatment for women.

Abnormal Hair Loss in Women

Female balding and hair thinning can often be the result of a health problem, hair care techniques, stress or poor nutrition. However, a lot of the time this hair loss is hereditary, which is also known as female pattern baldness. At our Advanced Hair Studio clinics hair loss experts are on hand to help treat your hair loss. No matter if it is hereditary, or down to stress, a medical condition or diet, our highly trained trichologist will be able to advise you on the most effective course of treatment for female hair loss.

Treatments for Female Hair Restoration

Here at Advanced Hair Studio we offer a variety of solutions for the restoration of female hair loss. Whether you require transplant surgery, laser treatment, extensions or the latest hair and scalp lotions we can guarantee we offer the most effective hair loss treatment for women available on the market. Visit our treatment page for more in-depth information on the hair loss treatments we have available.

If you’d like to book yourself a free consultation at our hair loss centre in Bristol then get in touch today. You will receive a one on one consultation with a female hair loss specialist who will advise you on the best course of action.

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