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One type of hair restoration for women involves the relocation of hair from one part of the head to another. To obtain a look which is natural, hairs are moved as small micro grafts or mini grafts. These grafts are then implanted to resemble the way hair naturally grows. This surgical procedure is quite invasive and will only be used in the extreme cases of female baldness. There are less invasive forms of female hair loss treatments for women suffering from less severe forms of hair thinning such as laser treatments or extensions.

The cost of hair restoration to combat female hair thinning will all depend on many different factors such as extent and cause of hair loss. Please read our “Treatments” page for more extensive information on the various treatment types we offer for all forms of hair loss in women.

Reasons Why Women Suffer From Hair Loss

Human hair is made up of keratin which is produced in the hair follicles and when the hair follicles make new hair cells the old ones get pushed out. The majority of people lose up to one hundred hairs each day and the average person’s scalp consists of one hundred thousand to one hundred and fifty thousand hairs.

Hair follicles go through a set life cycle consisting of Anagen, Telogen and Catagen stages, these can be affected by a number of different things such as age and disease and cause the hair to fall out.

One of the most popular and successful ways to treat female hair loss is hair restoration surgery, As this is a rather extreme solution to correcting female baldness it is important to find out the cause of the hair loss and if hair restoration treatment is for you. To book a free a consultation with a female hair loss specialist at our Leeds Advanced Hair Studio clinic give us a call or fill in an online application.

Get a Hair Inspection from a Trichologist

Scaling of the scalp, itching and hair breakage are just some of the hair loss problems a trichologist can diagnose and treat. You will be advised on the best hair loss products for women, which have been carefully researched in order to give you great results.

What to expect from a no obligation consultation

Genes, health problems, stress, medication and bad nutrition can all have an effect on the hair and scalp causing hair loss in females. At your consultation you’ll have your medical history looked into. You’ll have your scalp and hair analysed and if a treatment is available the hair lost specialist / trichologist will go through in detail every aspect of the relevant female hair loss treatment and what results to expect.

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