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London Female Hair Loss Treatment Clinic

If you are unlucky enough to suffer from hair loss and aren’t exactly sure what the cause is, why not visit one of our hair loss clinics where you can book an appointment with a hair loss expert who will examine your hair and scalp to identify exactly why you’re suffering from hair loss. When our specialist has identified the reason for your hair loss, he or she will recommend the most suitable female hair loss treatments which will best suit your individual needs. This is a no commitment service and you’ll not be pressured into making any immediate decisions.

In many cases genetics, growing old and family history are the chief cause of hair loss in women. Most people have a normal and mild thinning of their hair in their thirties and forties. Whilst in other cases, changes in diet, hormone changes and stress experienced in puberty and also pregnancy can cause female baldness and female hair thinning. Hair loss generally is not related to systemic or internal disease, and a bad diet rarely is related to hair loss for women.

It is quite normal for the average person to shed about 100-150 hairs per day, any more than this however could be considered as excessive and may require the intervention of a hair loss treatment for women. Hair growth happens in three stages, telogen, anagen and catagen. The growing stage is anagen. When the hairs begin to break down is the catagen stage. And telogen is the resting stage. The hair you shed every day is often in the telogen or catagen stage. Usually, 10% of the hairs on the scalp are in the resting stage at any given time. These hairs are not growing and are preparing for shedding.

Restore Your Hair Back to Normal

We have been helping women suffering from female hair loss and hair thinning for many years and have proven successful in formulating amazingly effective female hair regrowth treatments thereby restoring not only hair but confidence for our clients. The first step is to take advantage of our free women’s hair loss consultation service in one of our hair loss centres. Knowing what to expect during and after hair restoration surgery will give you realistic expectations. One of our trained “female hair loss” specialists will analyse your hair and look at available treatments for you. You will have the opportunity to talk with our trichologist about your plans and expectations.

Hair loss treatments for women can include both surgical procedures for serious female balding or less invasive hair loss cures and treatments for thinning hair. Hair restoration surgery transplants full functioning healthy hair to the part of the head where the hair has been falling out. It can take roughly 8 to 12 months for the hair grafts to start showing new hair growth.

Our London Based Trichologists

Trichology deals with all different types of loss of hair in women such as baldness and scaling problems.

The trichologist we employ in our company which the London branch work with is trained to the highest standards possible. Trichologists specialise in a variety of different subjects which include:

  • Scalp and hair maladies
  • Microscopy
  • The makeup and physiology of the skin
  • Physiology and anatomy of the systems of the human body
  • Chemistry
  • Electro-therapy
  • Nutrition

A trichologist deals with three main hair loss problems:

  • Scaling problems.
  • Excessive loss of hair, baldness patches, hair breakage and thinning hair.
  • An itchy scalp or excessive oiliness.

When you go to one of our clinics for a consultation with one of our trained hair loss consultant, they’ll find out the reason for your female hair loss. A more thorough analysis might be needed so the companies trichologist can better determine the cause and find out the most effective way of handling it.

Once the problem has been determined the consultant will decide whether:

  • The problem is serious and you have to be referred to a doctor for more help.
  • Your problem requires treatment.
  • Surgery is needed and will discuss with you the most effective surgical procedure available for your cause of hair loss.

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