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If you are considering undergoing female hair loss treatment or surgery it is imperative that you go over all the aspects of what the hair loss surgery entails with your surgeon to ensure that you are fully aware of the how the hair loss cure is implemented and what results you are likely to achieve. The cost of hair loss treatment for women can depend on a variety of different factors including the severity of the hair loss and the reasons for the female baldness or thinning.

Female Hair Loss Treatments in Birmingham

The majority of people think of a middle aged man when they think about hair loss, however it doesn’t matter how old you are or if you’re male or female, you can experience hair loss! It’s a fact of life that the number of men with hair loss is more than women, but the number of women suffering from female hair loss is higher than a lot of people believe.

Hair grows in cycles and as a part of this growth cycle people generally lose around one hundred hairs daily. Hair grows approximately one inch every month and at any one time ten percent of someone’s hair is in the dormant phase of the hair growth cycle whilst the other ninety percent is in the growing stage.

A range of different factors in a woman’s life can cause their hair to begin dropping out; these factors can include stressful situations such as trauma, childbirth or divorce. There are an overwhelming variety of female hair loss treatments available, some of these include creams and natural remedies and topical lotions; however the majority have shown themselves to be quite ineffective when it comes to treatment for hair loss in women.

Visit an Advanced Hair Studio hair loss centre for proven treatments and hair loss cures with exceptional results. We have been in the industry since the mid 1970s; at Advanced Hair Studio we supply treatments to fix the loss of hair in women including Advanced Singular Hair Grafting, AHS-FP, Strand-by-Strand and Advanced Hair Fibres.

Professionally Trained Trichologists

A trichologist is a highly trained professional who specialises in different male and female hair loss problems such as flaking and itchy scalps, baldness and hair breakage. In layman’s term a trichologist is essentially a hair doctor!

Advanced Hair Studio employ a highly trained trichologist to support all of their hair loss clinics. When you first visit one of our hair loss centres you will start with a consultation which can last as long as sixty minutes, they’ll analyse your medical history and also talk with you about your lifestyle. As soon as the trichologist / studio manager has discovered a cause for your hair falling out they will advise the best hair loss treatment for women to suit your individual circumstances.

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