Female Hair Loss

Women’s Hair Guide

Types Of Hair

There are many different types of hair but the three primary types are African Caribbean, Asian and Caucasian.

African Caribbean hair is usually dark and curled very tightly. Generally Asian hair is straight and brown or black in colour, Asian hair is also very strong and thick. While Caucasian hair can be any colour from light blonde to very dark brown, Caucasian hair can be curly, straight or wavy.

Although there are many different types of hair, anyone can be susceptible to hair loss, which is why our range of hair loss treatments varies.

Hair Loss in Women

Female hair loss is more widespread than you think; it affects thousands of people all over the country. Female hair loss can have a huge affect on the sufferers self confidence. Female hair loss can be triggered by a number of different factors, but the main one is hereditary female hair loss. If a family member lost their hair when they were young, or your parents have lost their hair, your chances of experiencing female hair loss are drastically increased.
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Hair Loss Specialist

If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning hair, itching on your scalp, excessive hair shedding or bald patches appearing all of a sudden, it is advised you go and see a hair specialist. A hair specialist is an expert in hair loss and treatments for hair issues who will examine your hair, diagnose the possible reason for your hair loss and recommend the best course of action for you to take to rectify the problem.
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Health and Nutrition

Good health and nutrition is key to maintaining a healthy head of hair for both male and females. If your health is poor, or you are suffering from a health condition, or your nutrient intake isn’t very good, you are at risk or hair loss. If your body experiences any problems or changes such as stress, pregnancy, diet or menstrual cycles then the chances of hair loss occurring can increase.
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