Female Hair Loss

Flashpoints® Female Hair Extensions

There are many different hair extension products available on the market, but if you want one of the best, most sophisticated and most popular hair extension products in the world, then choose Flashpoints®. Flashpoints® are a major advancement in hair extension technology and will totally transform hair which is lifeless, dull, short or fine in hours, with Flashpoints you can at last have the look you’ve always wanted.

Flashpoints®, unlike some other hair extension products, are a lot kinder to your hair. Flashpoints® makes use of a sophisticated procedure which involves a link of Flashpoints® being attached to a lock of your hair, no waxes, weaving or glues are used at any point during the procedure. One of the best things about these hair extensions, they can be reused!

Because Flashpoints® act like real hair, they can be coloured, styled and permed to make them custom to how you want them to help you cover up or hide any hair loss you may be experiencing.

They come in a variety of different colours, thicknesses and lengths. In fact there are more than 20 colours to choose from, and when you combine this with professional colouring, the options are unlimited.

Flashpoints® are so natural it will be almost impossible for anyone to tell that you are wearing hair extensions. The only thing they will see is how fantastic your new hair looks. This is all because Flashpoints® use Remi human hair for the best results possible.

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