Female Hair Loss

Womens Hair Transplant & Hair Implant Surgery

Follicular Transplant is available through Advanced Hair Studio and is a safe and highly successful procedure for regaining lost hair in both men and women.

Hair transplant surgery has the ability to implant hair from one part of the scalp to another exactly as it grows in nature; creating totally natural new hair growth that is undetectable – even under close examination.

Treatment is available to women of all ages – from 20 years up to and including someone in their 70s.

FUT Hair Transplant – The Strip technique is a hair transplant method that involves removing the follicular units from the donor area in one strip. This hair transplant technique allows the follicular units or grafts to be extracted intact and then dissected ready for implantation. These grafts are then implant into micro incisions in the thinning area and distributed in such a way that mimic’s nature.

FUE Hair Transplant – Individual follicular units (hair grafts which contain between 1 and 4 hairs) are extracted from an area of the scalp normally at the back of the head and then implanted into the recipient area of the scalp where the hair is needed. The advantage of FUE is that it leaves no linear scar.

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