Female Hair Loss

Advanced Hair Check – Help Prevent a Receding Hairline & Stop Hair Loss

You may be surprised to learn that women begin to show subtle signs of hair loss throughout their mid twenties. Despite this fact it does not always mean that balding or even more hair loss will happen, and one way to help prevent this is getting the problem identified as early as possible. The best and most effective way of doing this is with our Advanced Hair Check™.

If you are worried about female hair loss or a receding hairline, then book an appointment to see one of our hair loss specialists. They will carry out the Advanced Hair Check™ a procedure on your hair and determine if your concerns are anything to be worried about. Once the Advanced Hair Check™ procedure has been carried out, you will be informed of any potential reasons for your hair loss, you will also be advised of the best treatment to give you the best results possible to prevent and stop your hair loss. You will not be pressured into making any decisions you are not entirely sure about.

All our clients can be confident that the advice they receive from us, with regards to their hair loss, has been researched, tested, and retested. Our female hair loss treatments have proved themselves very successful and effective in restoring hair which is why we offer them to our clients.

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