Female Hair Loss

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It is easy to realise the connection between your health and state of mind to the way your hair is behaving. Diet, strange sleep patterns, anxiety, stress, being pregnant, colds, menstrual cycles and the vitamins and pills you take to control them; all can cause female hair loss.

Usually someone with healthy looking hair knows how to properly care for their hair, healthy hair is also a sign that the individual is in good health. The majority of people in the UK have access, or can get access, to good nutrition; however, those who unfortunately can’t, and those with certain medical conditions, can suffer from hair loss.

Hair, especially in females, is extremely sensitive to any changes going on inside your body. The body’s second fastest growing cell is hair, the intestinal cells being the fastest. Unlike the intestines, however, the body regards the hair as non essential. Hair, particularly among females, is important psychologically, but if you didn’t have hair, you would survive perfectly fine. The needs of the hair aren’t prioritized by the body’s metabolism; they are more interested in keeping vital tissues working properly. This results in the hair suffering as a result of any upset to the body, and is also the last to recover.

Female hair loss doesn’t always happen at the same time as an emotional trauma or illness, the effects can take a while to show themselves, sometimes several months can pass before the hair begins to show signs that it has been affected. Some instances of these illnesses or emotional traumas include an operation, stress, extreme dieting, and postpartum hair loss.

If you are concerned you are suffering from hair loss, a hair loss specialist can examine you and provide you a diagnosis on your current situation and any treatments available should you be suffering from hair loss.

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