Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Types

Hair comes in three main types; Caucasian, African Caribbean and Asian. All three hair types have their own distinct look and properties.

Asian hair is typically straight and can be thick and strong, the colour of Asian hair ranges from medium brown to dark brown or black.

European hair colour ranges from blonde hair to dark brown hair and is wavy, curly or straight.

Because it can be damaged easily, African Caribbean hair has to be taken care of more than other types of hair. Extra care should be used when applying anything to African Caribbean hair, especially chemicals. African Caribbean hair tends to be very dark and tightly curled, which can cause Traction Alopecia.

Hair also comes in different textures, medium, coarse and fine. A hairs texture is determined by the cuticle condition and its circumference.

Hair which is fine has a cuticle which is closed and a small circumference, whilst hair which is coarse has a cuticle which is a lot more open and has a bigger circumference. This causes the hair to be a lot more porous.

Hair texture varies dramatically according to race and hair colour.

Regardless of what hair type you have, many across the World suffer from female hair loss. Fortunately, majority of hair loss problems can be examined, identified and treated to recover any hair loss.

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