Female Hair Loss

Female Hair Loss Specialist

An Advanced Hair Clinic hair loss specialist is an individual who has worked in the field of hair loss for years, perhaps decades, and is a highly trained and skilful professional. The main job of a hair loss specialist is diagnosing hair loss issues, and treating them in the best way possible, which is what Advanced Hair Clinic have been doing for the past 40 years.

Hair loss specialists provide help and treatments for a range of hair loss related issues such as thinning hair, baldness patches, hair breakage, itching scalps, painful hair, scaling problems and excessive dryness and oiliness.

There are many situations which will need the help of a Advanced Hair Clinic hair specialist, you should make an appointment to see one if:

  • A bald patch appears all of a sudden
  • Your scalp becomes visible
  • Your hair isn’t growing the way it should, or the hair is poor quality
  • Your hair is thinning
  • Your hair begins to fall out
  • You are constantly itching your head

When you visit a hair specialist at Advanced Hair Clinic they will take a look at your scalp and hair to figure out the cause of the problem. They will then advise you on the most suitable hair loss treatments available and you could also be referred to their Trichologist if they believe there is anything serious to be treated.