Female Hair Loss

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A number of different factors like genetics and stress can cause female hair loss. Regardless of the cause, women who suffer from hair loss are affected in a very similar way. Self consciousness, lack of self esteem and confidence issues are what most people who have hair loss go through. You could go to your doctor but because hair loss in women is not generally viewed as a medical problem your doctor will more than likely refer you to a female hair loss specialist.

Trichology, what is it?

Trichology is the science surrounding problems with the scalp and hair including diagnosis and treatment for loss of hair in women and men.

Hair Restoration

If you choose to use our hair restoration service at our Bromley clinic you will need to analyse certain aspects of your life such as your ethnic background, age, your skin and hair. The cost of female hair restoration depends on a number of different factors and the price does vary depending on the seriousness of your hair loss.

Bromley Hair Loss Treatments

Many people, when they think about hair loss immediately think about an ageing man, however, hair loss can affect anybody no matter their race, sex or age. It’s true that more males experience hair loss than females; however hair loss in females is extremely common, and could be extremely traumatic for the person involved.

Hair grows in a cycle and it is not unusual for the average person to shed 100 or so hairs every day. Each month hair grows approximately half an inch, at any given time the rest is in the growing stage of hair growth. Dormant hair begins to fall out and starts to grow once again whilst other hairs start the inactive stage of hair growth around 2-3 months later.

A number of different factors in an individual’s life could cause hair loss for women; these could include a stressful time in their life like going through a tough divorce, childbirth or grieving a loved one.

There are an overwhelming variety of female hair loss treatments on the market, some of these consist of topical lotions and natural remedies and creams, however these have shown themselves to be very ineffective, especially if the case of hair loss is extreme.

Visit our hair loss centre in Bromley if you’re searching for a reliable hair loss treatment program. At Advanced Hair Studio we have been experts in the industry for over 30 years, we offer an array of treatments to repair your hair loss treatments for women including Strand-by-Strand, Advanced Hair Fibres, Advanced Singular Hair Grafting and AHS-FP.

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